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Earthshot Labs

Earthshot Labs

We’re building a dream team of world-class talent in service of ecological restoration. Everyone at Earthshot shares a deep love for nature and a desire to build a more integrated future for humanity. All positions are 100% remote, though we meet every couple months for fun and inspiring in-person retreats.  
New York, New York, United States New York, New York, United States

Company Information

Earthshot Labs’ purpose is to use AI to catalyze planetary land regeneration.

We conduct core ecological research and build technology products that inspire landowners to restore their land, and easily onboard them to carbon marketplaces at no cost. Earthshot also develops land restoration and carbon projects around the world.

Earthshot is building two products that enable its vision: LandOS and Biome. LandOS is a platform for enabling landowners to envision and manifest the regeneration of land they have stewardship over. Our intention is to build a product that inspires our customers to be bold, to delight and engage them while they envision the future possibilities of the land in ways never possible before. Biome is our Unity app that collects nature observations in the most accurate, fun and engaging way using the smartphone’s neural engine, camera, and augmented reality depth field. The data collected is used to power both fundamental ecological research as well as to underpin our LandOS system for envisioning and manifesting land restoration.

Company History

Earthshot has grown from a fledgling community into a rapidly scaling organization in service of the planet. We started 2021 with an impromptu Slack channel of our ecologically-conscious friends to explore how we could contribute to global restoration. The momentum and viral growth of the community opened us to the realization that this was a massive idea whose time had come: the scientific, technological, financial, and operational infrastructure were all coming together to incentivize ecological restoration at a planetary scale.

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