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Advocacy Institute

Advocacy Institute

Brooklyn, New York, United States Brooklyn, New York, United States

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The Advocacy Institute supports social justice organizations to build the advocacy skills, knowledge and power they need to shape government policy for a more just and equitable New York.

Our Vision: We envision a world where all people have what they need to survive and thrive, and have the tools to come together to fight for policies that will advance justice and dignity. We envision governments at all levels that are accessible, transparent, and accountable to those directly impacted by injustice, especially communities of color.

Our Values: At the Advocacy Institute, we aim to embody the values of justice, equity, and dignity for all people. We demonstrate these values in our work in the following ways:
  • We fight structural racism and oppression in government structures and norms.
  • We use an intersectional lens in our work, and examine how multiple forms of oppression combine to impact advocates’ ability to affect policy change.
  • We uplift the experiences of Black, indigenous, people of color, and marginalized communities.
  • We develop leaders to confront power in government and build power in their communities.
  • We do our work in deep partnership with organizations and advocates from communities directly impacted by injustice, especially Black, indigenous, and people of color.

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