We are a small and growing company who is 100% remote with employees on two continents. This is an opportunity to join a startup who (as of November 2021) is in the pre-seed stage and growing quickly, with a rapidly growing customer base.  
San Clemente, California, United States San Clemente, California, United States

Company Information

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For most, the path to a promotion is opaque, unstructured, uninformed, and sometimes–entirely subjective.

Great employees regularly get overlooked, get stuck in their current role, feel underutilized or, simply leave their company to go somewhere they can grow and thrive in their career.

At Pando we are fixing career management.

We're building a set of of thoughtful, opinionated tools to make career progression, promotions, performance, manager feedback and levels fair, transparent, and accessible to everyone.

Our goal is to level the playing field for all employees, while enabling employers to unlock every employee's full potential.

Company History

Pando was founded by Barbra Gago in 2020 and came to market in summer of 2021.

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