University of Chicago, Center for Translational Data Science

University of Chicago, Center for Translational Data Science

University of Chicago, Center for Translational Data Science

Use your skills to build a world in which researchers have ready access to the data needed and the tools required to make data driven discoveries that increase our scientific knowledge and improve quality of life for all.  
Chicago, Illinois, United States Chicago, Illinois, United States

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The Center for Translational Data Science's (CTDS) mission is to develop the discipline of translational data science and to apply it to impactful problems in biology, medicine, health care, and the environment. We develop and operate large scale data platforms to support research in topics of societal interest, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, health care disparities, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), birth defects, veterans’ health, pain management, opioid use disorder, and environmental science. We also develop new machine learning and AI algorithms over the data in our platforms.

Today with our partners, we operate a data ecosystem compromising over a dozen data commons that make over 13 PB of data available to the research community about over 780,000 patients. We provide access to this data via secure and compliant workspaces, while protecting patient privacy. These are all based on the open source Gen3 data platform, that includes the Gen3 data commons, Gen3 Framework Services, and Gen3 Workspaces.

We are based in Chicago, but our work engages collaborators from across the world.

Our center is part of the University of Chicago's Biological Sciences Division. We have developed a number of important “firsts:” including, one of the first large scale data clouds (the NSF supported Open Science Data Cloud (2010-2016)); the first data cloud designed to host biomedical data and approved as a NIH Trusted Partner (the Bionimbus Protected Data Cloud (2013-present)); the first large scale data commons (the NCI Genomic Data Commons (2016-present)); and the first set of services to create data ecosystems for biomedical data (Data Commons Frameworks Services (2020-present)).

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